Introduction: Are you an artist seeking to enhance your creative journey? Look no further than Rtist PLUS membership! In this blog post, we'll explore the exciting benefits that come with being a Rtist PLUS member. From building credibility to expanding your reach, Rtist PLUS membership offers a range of features designed to empower artists like you. Let's dive in!


1. Verified Badge: Earn Trust and Recognition

Display a verified badge on your Rtist profile to establish trust and credibility. This badge signifies that your information has been verified, making you a trusted and respected creator within the Rtist community. Gain recognition for your authentic work and attract potential collaborators and clients.

2. Portfolio Privacy Control: Show Your Work Selectively

With Rtist PLUS membership, you have control over the privacy of your portfolio. Choose to selectively showcase your work to clients, ensuring that your personal and confidential pieces are seen by those who truly appreciate them. This feature allows you to present your portfolio strategically and maintain the exclusivity of certain artworks.

3. Lower Transaction Fees: Maximize Your Earnings

As a Rtist PLUS member, you'll enjoy the advantage of lower transaction fees. With reduced payment processing fees, you can maximize your earnings and retain more of your hard-earned income. This financial benefit allows you to invest more in your artistic pursuits and fuel your creative growth.

4. Marketing Credit: Boost Your Visibility

Rtist PLUS membership grants you marketing credits to promote your profile and portfolio. Use these credits to feature your work and increase your visibility within the Rtist community. By leveraging this opportunity, you can attract a wider audience, gain recognition, and open doors to exciting opportunities.

5. Direct Messaging: Connect and Collaborate

Direct connections with clients and collaborators using Rtist's direct messaging feature. With Rtist PLUS membership, you can engage discussions, understand project requirements, and provide quotations directly. This streamlined communication facilitates efficient collaborations and enables you to showcase your unique artistic voice.


Rtist PLUS membership offers a range of benefits that empower artists to unlock their potential. From earning trust with a verified badge to controlling portfolio privacy, lowering transaction fees, leveraging marketing credits, and engaging in direct communication, Rtist PLUS membership paves the way for artistic growth and success.

Upgrade to Rtist PLUS today ( and embark on a journey of expanded visibility, increased opportunities, and meaningful connections. Join a community of artists who are taking their creativity to new heights with Rtist PLUS membership! Your art deserves to be seen, appreciated, and rewarded. Let Rtist PLUS membership be your catalyst for artistic excellence.

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