The wonderland of ice and snow, Blue Ice Skating Rink at Bukit Jalil Pavilion recently witnessed a fantastic bash - the Mascot Design Contest Award Ceremony. A total of 26 contestants and guests came together to bring a splash of color to the snowy season.


The award ceremony was jointly organized by Blue Ice Skating Rink and Rtist. The representative from Blue Ice, William Goh enthusiastically introduced the charm and uniqueness of Blue Ice Skating Rink and the purpose of having the Mascot Design Contest leaving everyone captivated by the glamor of ice and snow.

After the wonderful introduction, all the contestants stepped onto the ice of the Blue Ice Rink to witness the beauty of their designs. Top 20 mascot designs were dotted on the glass of the ice rink, injecting a brilliant light of creativity into the whole venue.


In order for the mascot designs to reach a wider audience, Blue Ice printed a huge banner with all the Mascot designs from the competition and hung it at the ice rink.If you want to get a glimpse of these unique creations, head over to Blue Ice Skating Rink at Bukit Jalil Pavilion to experience the wonders of art.


Next came the exciting moment - the winners were announced. Finally, the much-anticipated results of the Blue Ice Mascot Design Contest!


🏆Champion - Siti Maisarah

The contestant from Kedah, Siti Maisarah won first place, and she traveled from far away to celebrate with everyone present. 


🥈1st Runner Up - Lee Khar Wei

  • Though Top 2 couldn't be there, he pre-recorded an acceptance speech and shared this fantastic moment with the audience.


🥉2nd Runner Up - Snowie Wan

Each participant showcased boundless creativity and unique imagination. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to our winners— Snowie Wan, Lee Khar Wei, and our champion, Siti Maisarah! Your designs will shine with even more ice magic in the Blue Ice Skating Rink.

Let's cheer for the outstanding designers

  • Top 20 Designer
  • Tan Fang Yee                         Haryati Mohd Ehsan                      Chin Xin Tong
  • Cyrus Lee Shih Kok                      Ng Hun Hong                          Khoo Seow Ling
  • Sujata Chong Carl Chee                  Tan Yi Qin                                 Kok Sze Kuan
  • Jolienne Ting Xuan                     Wong Chun Nam                      Masnur Alif Danial
  • Muhammad Azim                       Lee Sin Tian                              Lim Shi Jian
  •   Lee Yu Xuan                                    Nor Radhiah


Thank you to all the designers who participated and everyone who supported and witnessed this moment. The brilliance of this competition will be one of the brightest pages in the history of the Blue Ice Mascot Design Contest. Looking forward to future competitions, let's create more incredible ice moments together!

Don't feel disheartened if you didn't win. By following and liking the Rtist Facebook page ,you can still participate in future contests and have the chance to win fantastic prizes.🎁 

The Blue Ice Mascot Design Contest showcased the creative imagination of all participants. Congratulations to all the winners! Here's to more artistic adventures in the future! 🚀