The Selangor Accelerator Programme (SAP) 2023 has been nothing short of a game-changer for startups and creative talents alike. In this exciting workshop, a total of 38 startup companies and four talented designers came together to learn, connect, and elevate their skills. Here's a glimpse into the vibrant event:

1. A Gathering of Innovation: 38 Startup Companies and 4 Designers

The workshop was a meeting ground for 38 innovative startup companies and four skilled designers. This diverse mix of talents created an environment ripe for collaboration and fresh ideas. 

2. Showcasing Creative Talent: Gaining Exposure

The four creative talents had the unique opportunity to present their work in front of all the startups. This exposure not only showcased their abilities but also opened doors to potential collaborations and future projects. 

3. Speed Matching: A Unique Opportunity for Creative Talent

One of the standout features of the workshop was the "speed matching" session. This innovative concept allowed startups to select their pitch deck designer from the workshop floor. It was a dynamic and efficient way for startups to find the perfect match for their creative needs.

4. A Win-Win Session: Learning and Exposure

For the creative talents, this workshop was not just about presenting their skills but also an opportunity to learn from industry experts and fellow designers. It was a valuable session for gaining new insights and techniques. Also, it provided exposure to potential clients and collaborators.

In conclusion, the SAP Program Workshop was a testament to the power of collaboration and learning. It brought together startups and creative talents in a dynamic and productive environment. With exposure, new connections, and innovative ideas, this workshop was a win-win for everyone involved, further cementing Selangor's position as a hub for entrepreneurial growth and creativity.