Rtist Creative Platform is home to 13,000+ designer's portfolios. Since Deepavali festival is coming in November, we'll be featuring 10 of our designer talent's Deepavali portfolio for you to hire for your festive needs. Behold, our Top 10 Deepavali Designer's portfolios, for you to hire. 


1) Designer Name : Kelvinmhh
Portfolio :  rtist.co/utm/kelvinmhh

Design Concept: Using AIG’s existing vector characters and redesign a new set of charactes based on the festive of Deepavali. Using a fun and interactive look and feel to create the EDM layout with the new design set of characters.


2) Designer Name : dheneshmakes
Portfolio :  rtist.co/utm/dheneshmakes

Design Concept: Illustrations based on yearly routines during Deepavali. Separated into 4 series, which is Mathappu, Muruku, Selfie & Kolam. 



3) Designer Name : jiaaa
Portfolio :  rtist.co/utm/jiaaa

Design concept: Design for Pavillion Hari Deepavali Celebration. This design is based on the concept of Kolam, which is drawn to announce auspiciousness and that all-is-well in the household.



4) Designer Name : JHChow
Portfolio :  rtist.co/utm/JHChow

Design concept: Using Purple, which is the symbol of Deepavali design as the main color, while putting the "Kolam" as the main icon of the visuals. This was a few campaign visuals for The Sphere & Nexus, Bangsar South in 2019. It was placed in Web Banner, LED Screens, Social Media, Sticker and Standee. 



5) Designer Name : misevstudio
Portfolio :  rtist.co/utm/misevstudio

Design Concept: Used the Diya (Lamp) as the main icon for the visual, this was a social media greeting visual for IJM Land. 
6) Designer Name : Najimi
Portfolio : rtist.co/utm/Najimi

Design Concept: Greeting wishes for client, MSS. This design uses primarily the purple color while showcasing the "Kolam" and tradition that goes into Deepavali. 



7) Designer Name : Wayne
Portfolio : rtist.co/utm/Wayne

About the designer: Wayne is an illustration major, who specializes in creating designs for structure. As seen in his Deepavali concepts, they are structures for Amway Deepavali event in 2020. 



8) Designer Name : dhaus
Portfolio : rtist.co/utm/dhaus

About the designer: Dhaus has many portfolios which is related to retail sales. He is especially good in festive related sales and has a Deepavali sale visual for a furniture client. 



9) Designer Name : Jacqueline
Portfolio : rtist.co/utm/Jacqueline

About the designer: Jacqueline has a vast experience in integrating design with IT and has created this Deepavali greeting to be put under Facebook Ads. She's also good in creating UI/UX designs. 



10) Designer Name : ElizabethSeeYee
Portfolio : rtist.co/utm/ElizabethSeeYee

About the designer: Elizabeth is a designer who's done many festive posts, this includes, Deepavali posts, which she uses the "Kolam" as the main icon in the visual. 



This featuring of designers on Rtist platform showcases the limitless creative potential of our designers, especially for festive seasons. Designers on Rtist push the boundaries of their imagination to create the best visual for our clients. 

For more Deepavali portfolios, check them out here: rtist.co/utm/Deepavaliportfolios

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